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Administrative Division CSV Download

POST location/csv_download

Returns an extended list of locations for Switzerland. The endpoint is in use for download locations data. It's possible to filter locations by UUIDs, slugs and Divisions.

Only available in CH.


Example Request#

The example request contains three parameters: "locations": ["73e7c2e1-0f20-40d2-9f5b-95a298bf76a3"] - it is the UUID of the canton Zürich, "slugs": ["city-bern"] - the slug for the city Bern, and "divisionLevels": [{"divisionLevel": 8,"officialId": 261}] - divisionLevel:officialId for the city Zürich. So the example result contains data for the both geolocations.

curl -X POST '' \
   -H "Authorization: Bearer LWkU3VwcJojIw7O8v8o39IQJPC2ptSdd" \
   -d '{
        "locations": [
        "slugs": [
        "divisionLevels": [
            "divisionLevel": 8,
            "officialId": 261

Request Fields#

Field Description Type Remarks
locations Comma-separated list of the locations UUIDs array of strings Value example 7dd259ca-d97f-4980-9986-89568596010b. An empty list [] is allowed.
slugs Comma-separated list of the URL slugs array of strings Value examples city-zurich, canton-bern. An empty list [] is allowed.
divisionLevels Comma-separated list of {"divisionLevel": divisionLevel, "officialId": officialId} array of strings Value examples {"divisionLevel": 4, "officialId": 3}, {"divisionLevel": 8, "officialId": 261}. An empty list [] is allowed.

*Maximum total ammount of the locations, slugs and divisionLevels is 10


.csv file

Column Description Type Remarks
type Location's type String
official_id The official_id of the administrative division Division
level The level of the administrative division Administrative Divisions
name Location's name Division
uuid Location's UUID String
division_level_name The name of the administrative division Division