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Property Pages

POST property_pages

Generates a Property Page permalink for the specified unit which will expire after the set number of days.


curl -X POST '' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer X' \
  -d '{
  "unitId": "2ec6d24e-8587-4ab5-a41e-0c4e4bd4faa7",
  "daysToLive": 14,
  "countryCode": "CH",
  "locale": "en_GB",
  "configuration": {  
      "template": {
            "sections": [{
                "type": "overview",
                "enabled": true
            }, {
                "type": "comparables",
                "enabled": true
            }, {
                "type": "market",
                "enabled": true
            }, {
                "type": "projects",
                "enabled": true
            }, {
                "type": "amenities",
                "enabled": true
Field Description Type Remarks
unitId Unique ID of the unit or dossier string See Dossier Creation
locale User locale string
countryCode ISO country code string
daysToLive Number of days for the link to be valid integer min: 1, max: 365. Default: 7
configuration Allows to specify various Property Page settings object
configuration.dealType Deal type of the page string Valid values are sale, rent. Default: sale
configuration.rentType Rent type to use for rent valuation string Valid values are net, gross
configuration.leadGeneratorLink Url of the landing page with Lead Generator widget string
configuration.template The different sections that you can hide/display in a Property Page object
description Custom shortlink Open Graph description string This text is rendered within the preview in social media apps when link is shared


    "id": "6ffce5fe-26bb-43ce-9a6e-56b93f5b351a",
    "url": "",
    "shortUrl": ""
Field Description Type Remarks
id Unique ID of the generated link string
url Shareable link to PriceHubble Dash string
shortUrl Shareable shortlink to PriceHubble Dash string