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Dash PDF Report

Documentation about how to leverage Dash to render PDF report



Rendering the page requires browser context in order to execute the included Javascript code. Ignoring this requirement will result in response with an empty html.

For automation purposes, Puppeteer in Node.js could be used. Or comparable alternative in any other programming language with a dependency on Headless Chrome.

Successful rendering is to be determined via the body.pdfIsReady selector.


Example 1#

Renders the rent report using the organization template. Includes both front and back covers. Renders it in British English.

Query parameters#

Field Description Type Remarks
access_token Access token string See Authentication
data Report configuration object
data.dossierId Dossier uuid string See Dossier creation
data.templateId Template uuid string See Template Creation
data.dealType Deal type of the valuation string Valid values are sale or rent
data.language Locale string Valid values are en_GB, cs_CZ, de_CH, fr_FR, it_IT, ja_JP, nl_NL, sk_SK
data.frontCoverId Front cover uuid string If not provided, default front cover is rendered. See Cover Creation
data.backCoverId Back cover uuid string See Cover Creation