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Exclusive Transactions for Comparables

Documentation to create Exclusive Transactions to be visible in the Comparables of Dossiers.


This guide explains how to add exclusive transactions to PriceHubble's system, that will be visible only to the organization of the user that has added them. Such exclusive transactions can then be visible in the Comparables of a dossier and be selected when sharing the dossier or printing it.


Only API users of type admin and with role dossier_with_exclusive_comparables can upload exclusive transactions. If you don’t have an account of type admin with this role, ask your CSM to create it. Afterwards, the exclusive transaction will be visible to all users in the same organization, and only to those users.

Create an exclusive transaction#

In order to create an exclusive transaction, the user can use this API.

The user should provide a sourceTransactionId that can be any id used internally by the user. This id will then be required when making any change in the exclusive transaction. Beware that the dossierId field should remain empty, otherwise the usage of the exclusive transaction will follow this guide: Exclusive Transactions associated with a Dossier

Then the user should add the property details at the time of the transaction in the property field, especially the location, propertyType and livingArea, as well as the details of the transaction in the transaction fields, especially the transactionDate, transactionPrice and transactionStatus. The user can also provide additional optional information to be displayed in the exclusive transaction.

Update a transaction from Pre-Sale to Sold#

If an exclusive transaction already added has changed status (typically from pre-sale to sold) the user should not create a new exclusive transaction but edit the existing one via this API using the sourceTransactionId provided on the creation. It is recommended in that case to make the following changes:

  • Change transactionStatus from pre-sale to sold
  • Put the previous transactionPrice in the field originalOfferPrice so the transactionPrice can reflect the actual price the property was sold to (especially if the price changed since the original offer)
  • Put the previous transactionDate to the field preSaleDate so the actual transactionDate can be added.

Visibility in Comparables#

Once exclusive transactions have been added, they will be visible in a dossier's Comparables if the filters match, so if the exclusive transaction is close to the dossier and the filtering criteria include it.

If a dossier with exclusive transactions in its Comparables is shared, then the exclusive transactions will only be visible in the shared link if they have been specifically selected by the user.