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Exclusive Transactions associated with a Dossier

Documentation to create exclusive transactions associated to a dossier


This guide explains how to add a past transaction to a property for which you have a dossier. That data will then be stored in PriceHubble's system. After this exclusive transaction associated to a dossier has been added, it will be used as additional data in order to improve our valuation algorithm, but it will not be visible in the Comparables of the dossier nor when searching for all the created exclusive transactions.


Only API users of type admin and with role dossier_with_exclusive_comparables can upload exclusive transactions. If you don’t have an account of type admin with this role, ask your CSM to create it.

Create an exclusive transaction#

In order to create an exclusive transaction, the user can use this API.

Since the purpose is to create an exclusive transaction associated to a dossier, the user will need to provide the uuid of the dossier (returned after creating the dossier) in the dossierId field of the API. The field sourceTransactionId is also mandatory, the user can choose to put the dossierId as well or any other id they might use internally.

Then the user should add the property details at the time of the transaction in the property field, especially the location, propertyType and livingArea, as well as the details of the transaction in the transaction fields, especially the transactionDate, transactionPrice and transactionStatus.