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Property Advisor#

Integrate Property Advisor with your preferred CRM or IT system by using this step-by-step guide. We offer a variety of APIs that fetch advanced real estate insights such as: offers, building projects, statistics, value history and value forecasts.

Step 0: Authentication#

All API requests first need to be authenticated by PriceHubble. Authentication can be done using the credentials provided by your Account Manager. Refer to the Authentication Documentation to obtain an access_token.

Step 1: Create a Dossier#

First create a dossier, which is a digital clone of your property in the PriceHubble system. To create a new dossier, use the Dossier Creation API endpoint by providing your Property Details. In return, you will get a dossierId. A dossierId is a dossier's unique identification code –– this will need to be provided at a later stage for all geolocated APIs. dossierIds enable you to easily pull insights from other PriceHubble APIs.

Here is an example of a dossierId:119a6ead-4ac4-4b4b-b264-195a2895618e.

Step 2: Open your Dossier in an iframe (optional)#

Benefit from the full PriceHubble experience by opening dossiers in iframe. To do that, simply refer to our Iframe Integration Documentation.

Iframe HTML example#

See example illustrating how to open your dossier overview in an iframe, using both your dossierId and your access_token.


Step 3: Fetch the property valuation for a Dossier#

Make use of our Valuation API in order to have your dossiers valued. Be sure to provide your dossierId in the JSON payload at root level.

Here is an example of a JSON body:

  "dossierId": "119a6ead-4ac4-4b4b-b264-195a2895618e",
  "dealType": "sale",
  "valuationInputs": [...]

Step 4: Fetch Additional Dossier information (optional)#

Sync user actions carried out within the PriceHubble iframe such as price overrides and selection of comparables using the Dossier Read API.

Here is a breakdown of additional information that can be fetched:

  • The valuationOverrideSalePrice field depicts the price provided by the user.
  • The selectedOffers list queries the Offer Search APIin order to get details of user selected offers.
  • The selectedTransactions list queries the Transaction Search API in order to get details of user selected transactions. (Currently only available in France)

Step 5: Fetch other APIs#

Easily fetch further information using our other APIs. All you need to do is ensure that the dossierId is included in the JSON payload. This allows you to customize your build to suit your needs using our APIs. Here is a list of APIs that we offer in addition to those mentioned above: