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Dossier Images

POST dossiers/images

Uploads the specified image and returns a filename. The image can then be added to a dossier using the Dossier Creation endpoint.


curl -X POST '' \
  -F 'image=@/path/to/image.jpg'
Field Description Type Remarks
image The file to upload file Only JPEG files are supported. Max size of 5MB.

Code example#

Code example using Python 3 and the Requests library:

import requests

url = "",
token = "<YOUR AUTH TOKEN>"

image = requests.get(url)

response =
  files={ "image": image.content }


  "filename": "...e9742b1f0f55.jpg",
  "url": ""
Field Description Type Remarks
filename Name of the file string To be used in the Dossier Creation or the Dossier Update API endpoint
url Url of the uploaded image string