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Welcome to the PriceHubble API! The PriceHubble API is based on REST and is easy to use. Please read the following information to get started.

Every endpoint has an URL of the form {BASE_URL/ENDPOINT_SUFFIX}. The BASE_URL is Example of a full endpoint URL:

Every request should contain a valid access token. See section Authentication for how to obtain one.

POST requests should have the following header: content-type: application/json.

In the endpoint descriptions below, mandatory request/response fields are written in bold.



Example Request#

curl -X POST \ \
  -H 'content-type: application/json' \
  -d '{
    "username": "Maverick",
    "password": "TOPSECRET"


Make sure to replace Maverick and TOPSECRET with your username and your password.

Example Response#

  "access_token": "74126eab0a9048d993bda4b1b55ae074",
  "expires_in": 43200

Logs in with the specified credentials and returns an access token which can then be used in subsequent requests. The token expires every 12 hours. Thereafter, it has to be acquired anew.

Error Handling#

The endpoints return standard HTTP status codes. The list of status includes:

Code Meaning
200 Success
400 Bad request
401 Unauthorized
403 Forbidden
404 Not found
500 Internal server error

Example 400 Response#

  "message": "Unsupported country code"

Example 401 Response#

    "error_description": "The access token is invalid or has expired",
    "error": "invalid_token"

In case of an error (4xx or 5xx status), the response body generally has the following structure:

Field Description Type
message Description of the error condition intended for a human audience string

Note though that some authentication errors might have a slightly different structure:

Field Description Type
error_description Description of the error condition intended for a human audience string
error Error category string